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On Monday I passed my 365th day at work. I haven't quite finished my probation as I still have to submit an application to the Higher Education Academy, but I am still happy, they seem to be happy with me, and the honeymoon period lasted an entire year which isn't bad going (it's going to end in the next two weeks when I have to tackle two awkward situations).

Every new year needs a goal, and in addition to:
1. finish a book
2. stage an exhibit hall at Worldcon

there is

3. Work life balance.

Despite 1 and 2 I am making progress on this and began as I mean to continue with celebratory drinks on Monday night, and skiving off this afternoon (I have a meeting in Greenwich this morning and I am not going back to the computer. I will of course compensate tomorrow when the weather is supposed to be poor.)

So, assuming you want to, how to get to see Farah:

If you are in Cambridge ask me about lunch, after work drinks, and early dinners. Anything that ends later than 9pm is tricky unless I'm not at work the next day. Tuesdays are often bad because I have 9am meetings the next day and that means a 6:10 train.

If you are in London, then it's Friday evenings (when I'm working from home most days) and the weekends. Assume I am writing most weekends but can be tempted if it's after 3pm.

*This is a diploma mill that has somehow achieved recognition among universities by presenting itself as a quality assurance/chartered institute/academic fellowship. See here: It accredits you as a "good" practioner by asking you to write an essay.


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