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As you know Bobs, I am leaving Mdx in the spring after 13 years, and inevitably there are moments of "lasts" each of which will have their own poignancy. I thought I'd blog them.

The first came today.

For the past five years I have been link tutor to one of our local colleges, the Church of England ministry training college, Oak Hill. This is not a difficult role and in fact I was asked to take it on to release someone who was needed to franchise wrangle. When I first started I was a bit worried. I knew they started with prayer. I wasn't at all sure how a Quaker Jew was going to get on there.

It has been a warm, caring, and delightful experience. Oh, there are issues: I can't help noticing all the men are married and none of the women are. And moments: wanting to explain to the nice Northern Irish minister that loss of privilege is not persecution. But overall I have met nothing but kindness, intellectual stimulation, and marvelled at the care and attention with which they approach their task of training people from all over the world for different branches of the ministry in a range of different churches.*

Today was my last day. I took cake. They gave me a lovely card, a speech that brought tears to my eyes, and a book token which I will make sure gets spent on one of the books on religion and the English Revolution that is on the reading list I acquired by auditing one of their classes last year.

I went to do a bit of make-work and over the years I acquired friends. I'll miss them.

*Everyone has to sign up to some basic theology, but it is a pretty broad rubric.


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